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We are committed to protecting your privacy

Last updated Thursday, May 31st, 2018

As a premium service, privacy and discretion are a key part of our relationship with all of our clients. This holds true for both your digital information that we collect through our websites, and the personal information you choose to share with us while using our services. Keeping your information private and safe is part of our commitment to excellent service.

This page is here to provide you with knowledge about your data that we store within our systems. Hopefully, it is delivered in a clear and simple manner. Our goal is for you to understand what data we collect and keep, understand what we do with it, and ultimately to put you in the driver’s seat so you have full control over your data.

It is important to us that you know:

  • What data we collect from you
  • How we use it
  • How you can fully control your data

You are in control of all your data, and you can easily perform the following functions:

  • See all data Europe Luxury Car Hire has collected from you
  • Easily unsubscribe from our mailing list
  • Easily erase ALL of your data from our databases
  • Contact us directly for any further information or assistance

What data we collect from our users and how we use it

When you browse Europe Luxury Car Hire sites, even if you haven’t submitted a quote, we receive some personal data about you, such as: your device, your operating system, the country you’re browsing from, your IP address, etc.

How we use cookies

The only things we save to your cookie on your computer are the first and last page you visited on our website (landing & exit pages), and how you reached our website (url params). We save this info for a maximum of 30 days. We do this for when you return to our website - if you come back within 30 days, your browsing experience will be more personalized, based on the last locations you were interested in.

We use this information for 2 main goals

1. To give you a personalized browsing experience that saves you time. The most common example is: if you search for a car in Italy via the site, you will see cars from our Italian fleet & partners for the remainder of your visit (or until you search our fleet in a different location) since it seems that Italy is the country you are traveling to. Another example is that if you leave the site and come back at a later date, the site will “remember” that Italy is your probable destination, and will show you relevant deals and cars that are available in Italy. This is common practice that is used in many travel websites, and users are accustomed to it and have come to expect it. By simply browsing our website you consent to us collecting this data so we can deliver the same level of browsing experience that you’ve come to expect from all leading travel sites.

2. To gently follow up with you via displaying relevant ads on ad networks. We do this in case you haven’t booked a car yet and are still in need of one. This is also common practice in both the luxury and travel industries. We only use GDPR compliant ad networks as our partners.

Requesting a quote from Europe Luxury Car Hire

If you choose to submit a quote, you are choosing to share additional information with us like your name, country, email address, phone number, your travel destination & possible travel dates, and of course your top choices for a luxury car to rent during your trip. We only have this information if you choose to share it with us.

How we use the information from your quote request

We need the information from the submitted quote in order to assess the rental parameters so we can get back to you with a car rental quote for your desired car, at the desired time and place. You will receive a quote either via email or phone call. We may contact you for further clarifications before we offer a final quote. Obviously, by sending us a quote request you are not committing to anything, and the rental will take place only if you decide to proceed. If you do decide to proceed, the process is usually continued over the phone with a reservations expert.

What we don’t do with this info is just as important as what we do with it: Europe Luxury Car Hire does not share customer personal details with any third party which is not directly related to your car hire booking. We do not sell, rent or lease customer lists to third parties.

We only pass on to our trusted partners details that are essential to your rental

In the event that we are unable to provide the desired vehicle for the requested dates, we will source the car for you from one of our trusted partner companies and suppliers ("Our Partners"). In these cases, the rental contract for the car hire will be between you and Our Partners. In such cases, as the car rental contract will not be with Europe Luxury Car Hire but with a third party supplier, Europe Luxury Car Hire may pass your credit card details and any other essential booking details to that third party in order to facilitate the booking. The placing of an order for car hire by you will constitute consent to us passing on such details. Our Partners are prohibited from using your personal information in any way, except to provide the services you've requested, and are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

Our mailing list

We also send emails to our mailing list from time to time. The only way to join the mailing list is to double-opt-in. Our emails feature articles from our Luxuria travel and lifestyle publication, as well as timely offers and deals on rental cars. You can easily unsubscribe from our mailing list by either:

  1. Clicking the unsubscribe link that appears at the bottom of every Luxuria email we send out, or
  2. Changing the settings in your account (see below)

How to control your data

First, you must login to your user area. If you’re not sure what your password is, you can request for it to be sent to your email address. Use the same email address you used when you submitted your quote.

Once logged into your account, you can see all your personal data by clicking on Settings in the left-hand menu (see image below) and then on the "View my data" button (SEE #1 below). 

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list here by simply un-ticking the box that says "I would like to receive Luxuria emails". Don't forget to click Update.

You can delete yourself permanently, including all your information, by clicking on Settings in the left-hand menu (see image above) and then on the "Delete my information" button (SEE #2 above). A pop-up will come up just to make sure you want to delete your info. Check the checkbox (see below) and the button "Yes, delete my account" will become active (see below). Click the button and all your data will be deleted immediately.

Please note: if you haven’t received a quote from us yet, and you delete yourself from our systems, we will not be able to provide you with a quote.

Log in to your account here

Contact us directly

If you have any further questions, please feel free to directly email our compliance officer at

+44 203 8073 827